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By Jacob W. Elias

Jacob W. Elias invitations us to hear in whereas Paul and his missionary partners inspire and warn believers in historical Thessalonica. Elias indicates Paul dealing pastorally with daily matters of church existence whereas reminding his converts in regards to the colossal photograph. What God has performed throughout the demise and resurrection of Jesus Christ will but be dropped at wonderful finishing touch. The church has an lively function to play in God's redemptive venture on this planet. this present day, apocalyptic biblical texts are usually overlooked or misused. yet Elias tells how the gospel proclaimed to the Thessalonians undergirds the nurture of church buildings marked by means of religion, love, and wish.

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2 Thess. 1:5) would sound subversive, especially if it came from an otherwise restless working class. Ethnically, the population of Thessalonica was largely of Greek descent. , some Italians soon made themselves at home here as well. As already noted, Acts 17 informs us about the existence of a Jewish community there. , but it is known that by this time Jews had settled into many of the major cities of Asia Minor and the whole Mediterranean region. According to Bruce, a militant messianism was spreading among Jewish communities throughout the Roman empire (Bruce, 1977:224-227).

Yet this secular term becomes the distinctive title for the Christian community, employed in the NT for both the local congregation (so here; also in 1 Cor. 1:2; Rom. 16:1) and the universal church (1 Cor. 10:32; 12:28; Col. 1:18, 24). Perhaps in part because this word normally points to any assembly or gathering, Paul appends a qualifying phrase: in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. Already in the Septuagint, assembly occasionally takes on sacred dimensions, through the added phrase, "assembly of the Lord" (as in Deut.

Martin 1 and 2 Thessalonians, by Jacob W. Elias Page 7 CONTENTS Series Foreward 11 Author's Preface 13 Cross-References 16 Paul and the Thessalonians 17 Listening In 17 Some Background from Acts 18 Why Letters? 21 Chart of Letter Structure . 23 These Letters Also Preach! 23 Focusing In 24 Who Wrote These Letters? 25 To Whom Were These Letters Written? 26 When Were These Letters Written? 28 Why Were These Letters Written? 28 Why Listen In? 30 1 Thessalonians The Salutation, 1:1 35 Work of Faith: You Turned Toward God, 1:2-10 38 *Faith, Love, and Hope 50 *Election 52 *Jesus Delivers 53 +How Christian Communities Emerge 54 *The Text in Biblical Context +The Text in the Life of the Church Page 8 Labor of Love: The Story of Pastors and People, 2:13:13 57 Gentle Nurse and Encouraging Father, 2:1-12 59 *God Is Witness 72 *Brothers and Sisters, Child, Mother, and Father 73 *Kingdom of God 75 +Christian Character and Witness 77 Imitators in Suffering, 2:13-16 80 *God's Word Heard and Working 92 * Wrath 93 +Christians and Jews 98 Orphaned Yet Reassured, 2:173:10 102 *Satan, the Tempter 117 * Faith 120 +The Faithfulness of the Martyrs 123 Pastoral Prayer, 3:11-13 125 *The Parousia 128 +The Pastoral Prayer and Worship 129 Steadfastness of Hope: Pastoral Exhortation and Encouragement, 4:15:22 131 Holiness in Relationships, 4:1-8 133 *Sanctification and Holiness 144 *Sexuality 147 *Wife or Body?

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