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5 Answering the inevitable objections that customers raise. 6 Closing the sale: moving them from intent to action. These sales techniques are worth knowing about. Apart from being useful when defending yourself against a pushy sales person, they can be applied to furthering your career. Consider the most challenging example: a formal job interview. 4 Gaining entry Your promotion efforts (the application letter, application form and CV) have gained an invitation. If it is an internal post you will have reminded the manager of achievements that he or she already knows about, plus some that are new to them.

58 58 Promotion You are already branded to some degree. People already feel some sort of loyalty to you or not, they already feel some trust in you or not, they already feel some preference towards you or not. You can affect this image, this branding, in the ways described above by consciously trying to shift the image from a clone of Company A or B to a personal image or brand of you: Me plc. Use the things you say and do to disassociate yourself from any negative images attached to your division, your group, even your profession (while retaining personal friendships and loyalties) and associate yourself with positive images by demonstrating your individuality and originality.

62 62 Selling Analyse television advertisements to see how they sell to you. Any motor car will get you from A to B, any washing up liquid will clean your dishes, any bank will provide a credit card; so how do they try to persuade you that they are different from all the rest? Sell the benefits you can bring, not just your skills. To paraphrase a once-famous television advertisement for sausages: sell the sizzle, not the sausage. Referrals Good sales people always ask for referrals, that is for the names of other people who might be interested in their product.

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