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By Alberdina Houtman, E Staalduine-Sulman, Hans-Martin Kirn

What's the use of a Targum in a cultural atmosphere the place Aramaic isn't really a typical language anymore? And why could Christians have an interest in a as a rule Jewish textual content in an differently anti-Jewish milieu? those and comparable questions have served as publications for Alberdina Houtman, Eveline van Staalduine-Sulman and Hans-Martin Kirn in bringing jointly the articles for the current booklet, which is composed of 3 elements: 1. makes use of and services of Targum in Europe; 2. enhancing Targums and their Latin Translations; three. Targums and Christianity. the various articles take care of the codicological and paratextual facets of the correct manuscripts and variations as witnesses in their cultural ancient events. The meant readership comprises experts in Targum, Jewish and medieval stories, (church) historians, codicologists and (Christian) theologians.

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Only Megillot) 325 (42%) 7 (1%) 101 (13%) 209 (27%) 20 (3%) 13 (2%) 90 (12%) 765 237 (61%) 15 (4%) 38 (10%) 5 (1%) 52 (13%) 20 (5%) 20 (5%) 387 46 (41%) 15 (13%) 2 (2%) 1 (1%) 37 (33%) 4 (4%) 7 (6%) 112 55 (45%) 2 (2%) 20 (16%) 2 (2%) 25 (20%) 13 (11%) 5 (4%) 122 298 (48%) 32 (5%) 60 (10%) 8 (1%) 114 (18%) 37 (6%) 32 (5%) 621 15 4 9 6 13 148 101 0 A Variety Of Targum Texts 27 A few things not shown in this table need to be mentioned first. Most of the manuscripts in Eastern script are of Yemenite origin, just as most of the Western manuscripts are Ashkenazi.

A Mediterranean Society. The Jewish Communities of the Arab World as Portrayed in the Documents of the Cairo Geniza, Vol. II: The Community, Berkeley / Los Angeles / London 1971. , The Targum of Zephaniah. Manuscripts and Commentary (SAIS, 7), Leiden 2009. Houtman, A. & H. Sysling, Alternative Targum Traditions. The Use of Variant Readings for the Study in Origin and History of Targum Jonathan, Leiden 2009. , 2012, ‘The Use of Paratextual Elements in Targum Research’, Aramaic Studies 10: 7–21.

Things were different in those manuscripts that provide Hebrew and Aramaic in separate columns. The manuscripts providing Targum alone, the anthologies in which Aramaic chapters are incorporated, as well as the Christian manuscripts delivering Targum and its Latin translation show that the Targum at some time started to function as an independent piece of literature. Over the centuries, commentaries on the Hebrew text became more important. The Targum seems to function as one of the commentaries in manuscripts that provide the Hebrew text in a separate column with Targum and one commentary—mostly Rashi, both in Western and Eastern manuscripts— or more commentaries in the margin.

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