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By William M. Schniedewind

A Primer on Ugaritic is an advent to the language of the traditional urban of Ugarit, a urban that flourished within the moment millennium BCE at the Lebanese coast, positioned within the context of the tradition, literature, and faith of this historic Semitic tradition. The Ugaritic language and literature was once a precursor to Canaanite and serves as one among our most vital assets for realizing the previous testomony and the Hebrew language. detailed emphasis is put on contextualization of the Ugartic language and comparability to historic Hebrew in addition to Akkadian.

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Rainey, “Administration in Ugarit and the Samaria Ostraca,” Israel Exploration Journal 12 (1962), 62–63; and, Rainey, “The Kingdom of Ugarit,” Biblical Archaeologist 28, 4 (1965), 102–125; W. Horwitz, “The Ugaritic Scribe,” UF 11 (1979), 389–94; M. Heltzer, The Internal Organization of the Kingdom of Ugarit (Wiesbaden, 1982). ” These designations reflect the child’s status as free or slave and their inheritance. The titles gízr and pgít are the highest titles for a son and daughter. In Ugarit, as in Israel, it was possible to confer the birthright on a younger child (cf.

5). They reflect a real dynastic tradition, as well as a political myth of deified kings, that claims its origins in the early second millennium BCE. King Ammistamru I Niqmaddu II Arh˙albu Niqmepa Ammistamru II Ibiranu Niqmaddu III Ammurapi Date ca. ca. ca. ca. ca. ca. ca. ca. 5 The Last Kings of Ugarit8 In 1350 BCE, the king of Hatti, Suppiluliuma, conquered the kingdom of Mitanni. At this time, Ugarit also became a vassal of the Hittite kingdom (PRU 4, 37–52). Ugarit paid heavy tribute to the Hittites and, in return, Ugarit was allowed freedom to develop as a commercial center.

Beœlˆäya qibˆäma my lord, speak. 3. umma taguh˙li ardˆäkaœma Message of Taguh˙ l i, your servant. Declaration of Deference 4. ana sûeœpeœ beœlˆäya isûtu ruœqisû To the feet of my lord, from afar, 5. sûinˆäsûu sebˆäsûu amqut two times-seven times I fall down. mlkt adty To the Queen, my lady, 3. rgm speak. –5. tlmyn {bdk Message of Tlmyn, your servant. 6–7. p{n }adty To the feet of my lady 8–9. sûb{}id seven times and seven times 10–11. ) I fall down. Situation Message 6. enuœma itti sûarri u ittˆäya Now, with the king and with me 7.

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