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By Christopher Heath Wellman

Providing an unapologetic protection of the precise to secede, Christopher Heath Wellman argues that any team has an ethical correct to secede so long as its political divorce will go away it and the rest country capable of practice the considered necessary political capabilities. He explains that there's not anything contradictory approximately valuing valid states, whereas allowing their department. hence, if one values self-determination, then one has reliable cause to finish that folks have a correct to figure out their political barriers.

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Conclusion If it were true either that we had consented to be governed or that very few of us would elect to secede if given the opportunity, then freedom of association would not be incompatible with statism. However, because it is historically inaccurate to posit widespread consent and unrealistically optimistic to predict that most of us would not secede if given the opportunity, we must choose between denying the legitimacy of existing states and qualifying freedom of association. The samaritan account of political legitimacy explains why states may permissibly coerce citizens without their consent and, in so doing, explains why we do not have a perfectly general and absolute right to freedom of association.

First, I am convinced that individuals retain their positions of dominion even when their decision making clearly does not maximize overall happiness. If we derive the value of autonomy exclusively from consequences, however, then it remains valuable only when and to the extent that it produces those consequences. ” Suppose also that anyone who knows Jezebel (and her limited literary talents) even casually would recognize that such a move is a recipe for disaster. My view is that no one may rightfully interfere with Jezebel’s plans even if it is abundantly clear that this interference would produce better consequences.

Thus, while a government might permissibly impose various rules designed to prevent citizens from wrongly harming one another, it has no business interfering with its citizens’ self-regarding behavior. ” Although my views have been shaped by all of these authors, I do not know that any of them would agree with the specifics of the arguments I advance here. P1: JZP 0521849152c03 CUNY023B/Wellman 36 0 521 84915 2 June 8, 2005 11:28 A Theory of Secession of occupation to pursue, or how or with whom to pursue their erotic interests.

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