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How can a Hindu woman, without a bath and without plastering her kitchen square, anoint her fore-head with the saffron-mark? They, who did not remember Ram (Hindu name of God) in their time, now cannot save themselves even bartering their faith and accepting Islamic faith, calling God as “Allah”. (6) Some warriors return to their homes, and from them others inquire about the welfare of their kins (on the battle-field). 35 In the lot of some, He has so writ that (with their spouses gone) they will wail in anguish whole their lives.

The successor Guru established new centres of their activities to impart such Teachings to the people, and not to escape from the fear of opposition. But what was the opposition for handing over the books by Guru Nanak to Baba Lehna (Guru Angad Dev) ? If we accept that Baba Sri Chand received those books, why should he have directed his followers to throw his invaluable treasure of knowledge in the waters of river Ravi along with his body? Baba Sri Chand, in his old age, with great difficulty came to Amritsar from Barath, district Gurdaspur, to see Guru Ram Das; and Guru Arjan Dev and Guru Hargobind went especially to Barath to meet with Baba Ji, and then he would make a will to throw that Invaluable Wealth of Knowledge to be thrown in the waters of river Ravi !!

Also worthy of note is the last word of the third verse. In each case words used are like, “aavaniya “, “bakhshavania “. In Majh Rag, the number of Astpadis composed by each Guru is as under Guru Nanak Dev 1 Guru Amar Das 32 53 Guru Ram Das 1 Guru Arjan Dev 4 All Astpadis have the same number of sections. This confirms our conception that Guru Amar Das had with him the Compositions of Guru Nanak Dev, which ultimately reached Guru Arjan Dev In support of our conception, we give below a section of Astpadi of each of the Gurus - Guru Nanak Dev sabad rnngae hukam sabae, sachi dargaih mehal bulae; sache deen dayal mere sahiba sache mun patiavania.

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