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By Rodney Orpheus

Thelemic magick, because it is practiced this day, is predicated at the works of Aleister Crowley. these works might be dense, and Crowley’s advised process research intimidating to rookies. In Abrahadabra, Rodney Orpheus bargains a miles easier and extra rapid course for operating with an analogous magical present Crowley used. His method is grounded in practice—you don’t have to learn tomes ahead of you start to meditate and perform rituals and useful routines and manifestations. Abrahadabra is an ideal primer for somebody who's curious to grasp what magick is all approximately, however it is additionally a superb sourcework for these trying to increase their very own Wiccan or pagan perform with ritual magick or who search a deeper figuring out of Crowley’s vintage works.

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The Creator of life-giving bread and health-giving water created also psychoactive sacramentals. Can we then forbid God to work through them as well, for our good? Water, fire, wind that blows where it will—these biblical images want to remind us that no one can put divine aliveness in a box. Communion with that source of life demands that our consciousness must stay ever ready to be stretched. In our society few people have close enough contact with nature to be conscious of a higher power at work in it and through it.

We simply are virtually unable to make the distinction between differing kinds of drugs. Doctors complain frequently that they prescribe a drug for someone, and the person says dumb things like, “No, I don’t want to take the antibiotic. ” We have succeeded with the “Just say ‘no’” rhetoric in some of the queerest places. ”? ” This will be responsible adults who say, “Something about that experience was overwhelmingly life-transforming for my loved one. ” We have labeled all drug use outside the strict medical model as naughty.

The final section of that first-mentioned article dealt with the staying power of drug-induced experiences. Whereas phenomenologically they are indistinguishable from their opposites, they seem to have less effect on subsequent life. I’m speaking of averages. Before I leave that initial article: Those of you who know me know that I have had a lifelong, professional love-hate relationship with contemporary philosophy. I’m a jnana yogi for sure, but that doesn’t map well onto the analytic philosophy that has dominated philosophy in this second half of the twentieth century.

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