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By Paul R. Williamson

The divine grants to Abraham have lengthy been well-known as a key to the publication of Genesis as an entire. yet their type, usually famous, additionally increases literary and theological difficulties. Why do they fluctuate whenever, and the way are they with regards to one another and to the tale of Abraham? Williamson makes a speciality of the guarantees in Genesis 15 and 17, and concludes that they're all in favour of detailed yet similar concerns. Genesis 15 promises God's promise to make Abraham right into a nice state, whereas Genesis 17 focuses mainly on God's promise to mediate blessing (through Abraham) to the countries. the 2 chapters are attached, notwithstanding, via the subject of somebody, royal descendant who will come from the state (Israel) and mediate blessing to all of the countries of the earth.

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The story begins again this time with Sarai as mother (v. 19), not simply Abram as father. In a new moment for God, he reveals a new name and shapes a somewhat different future. This new divine identity, correlating with newly shaped promises, associates with QQ both Abraham and Sarah, who are also given new names. In Fretheim's analysis, Genesis 17 represents not only a renewal of the covenant established in Genesis 15, but also a substantial modification of that covenant. The covenant is not simply reiterated; it is radically revised!

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