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2), but this direction leads soon enough into a blind alley. Nevertheless, the analyses of each category of variable do provide an approximation for some upper bound on the count of function points. Actual counts of valid tuples of values of variables can be made algorithmically with nested for loops as discussed earlier. Applying this concept in a very general fashion to each category of variable can yield an approximate upper bound on the number of function points. 3 Condensation in the Functional Space 47 where • • • • • • Pk = number of systems, Pa = number of activations and de-activations, Pc = number of conditions (internal with external), Ps = number of stimuli (extended with errors), Pr = number of responses, and Py = number of special cases.

The back-off slot times used by the device being tested are recorded and then tested for a probabilistic uniform distribution. Verifying this particular requirement doesn’t lend itself to CRV testing and isn’t readily verified in simulation. Similarly, functional requirements related to liveness, fairness, or performance of a target may require treatment as a special case outside the context of CRV. 15 Summary The taxonomy defined in this chapter provides a consistent and comprehensive nomenclature for all aspects of functional verification regardless of the size or complexity of the digital system to be verified.

Number of possible contexts based on example in Fig. 4] M M Possible contexts 14 13 12 11 13 12 11 10 M 8 7 6 5 7 6 5 4 Total: 288 44 Chapter 3 – Exploring Functional Space Accounting for the 4 possible instances of the processor as determined by CACHE_PRESENT and CACHE_SIZE, this yields 1,152 distinct systems, all of which must be verified to function correctly. At first glance this may appear to a rather dire situation for the verification engineer, but, as will be seen later in this chapter, condensation in the functional space can provide significant practical advantages.

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