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Then Ed noticed that the picture window drapes were open. "I'll take it," said Betsy Sue, and she signed for and brought the letter in. Ed ripped it open and pulled out the contents, a glossy brochure and a handwritten note. The note said, "Thought you and your wife might be interested in a couple of weeks at this place. " lt was signed "A. K. " Ed unfolded the brochure and looked at the glorious color photographs. " Betsy Sue stood on her toes and craned over his hairy arms. "Mr. Akley wants us to go to someplace called the Crystal Grape," said Ed.

Said he was going to explain about The Blue Light, which has something to do with that riot that occurred when he took off. I mean with the President disappearing and all. " Grandfather Moses was eating like a bird. "You're eating like a bird," Wanita scolded. " "You know I don't like corned beef hash," said Grandfather Moses petulantly. "You haven't coughed once during this meal, Grandpa," said little Jimmy. " The old man grinned. His large ivory false teeth looked very strange in his congealed face.

She carefully steered his stiff-legged body into the west wing hall, where she left him standing against the wall like an antique suit of armor, a new addition to the interior décor. She changed her clothes and rejoined the party. "Avery's bathing,"' she informed the Secretary of State. "He'll be down shortly. " She passed on to the other guests, attended to the caterers, the hors d'oeuvres, the drinks, pretending that her husband would soon appear. "He'll be down any minute," she told Sig Sparrow, thinking, dammit, I wish he wouldn't wear those tinted glasses, I can't see his eyes.

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