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By Bil Tierney

This booklet offers a revealing new examine the astrological indicators, from Aries to Pisces. achieve a deeper knowing of the way each one signal motivates you to develop and evolve in realization. How does Aries paintings with Pisces? What does Gemini percentage in universal with Scorpio? all over the Zodiac is the one e-book out there to discover those signal mixtures to any such measure.

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It is sure that the Cosmosdidn't put us all on Earth just to suffer, by being denied our rightful opportunity to show off our specialtalents to the world. Like the spirit of youth itself, Leo willingly takes chancesto get what it wants. It's blessedwith courage and a unfaltering belief that the Universewill grant it its heartfelt desires. At times impetuous and too strong-willed,the Lion is willing to risk all on a golden dream, never foreseeinganything lessthan a glorious outcome. Still-unlike emotionally immature youth-the Lion is big-hearted and self-assuredenough to know that its competitors also need to feel like winners, now and then, and thus Leo-after swallowing a little pride-can allow others their moment of glory, as long asthe Lion doesn't remain out of the spotlight for too long.

Its flexible mind is one reasonwhy Gemini staysso youthful. Instead we need to loosen up, remain pliable,and forever be willing to try out new ideas,even if for only short periodsof time. SkimmingtheSurface So far, the first three signsof the zodiac seemcomfortable living in the here-and-nowworld. They deal consciouslyin the presentand operate directly on the surfaceof life. Gemini's orientation is a major departure from the strongly instinctual ways in which Aries and Taurus relate to the physical world.

Ing world. It thus benefitsus to reachout sensitively to others in an attempt to understand their personal lives, since their needsoften mirror our own. water ignores-even as it penetrates-the barriers deliberately createdby the ego to keep everyone apart and unattached (such ego defensesprobably took ef[ectway back when Aries was the only game in town). Leo'sconfidence in its abilities is usually strong. Such self-assuranceleadsto inner pride and dignity. We expect this much from fixed fire.

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