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By Stephanie P. Newbold

Research of Thomas Jefferson's legacy in public management.

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White (1951) recognized this dynamic and observed that Jefferson’s strong leadership skills, which were complemented by loyal advisors, enabled the administration to function efficiently and effectively. Cunningham also pointed out: “A very accessible President, Jefferson sought out and received information and opinions from all over the country, but he had no 18 ALL BUT FORGOTTEN friend or advisor outside his Cabinet to whom he turned in making the decisions of government” (1978, 60). When making these types of decisions, Jefferson consistently relied on his secretaries for advice and recommendations and encouraged debate and open communication.

Although Jefferson and Gallatin’s decision proved successful in virtually extinguishing the nation’s debt, this policy left the country vulnerable to military attacks. S. military to defend the homeland in the War of 1812 during Madison’s first term as president. The nation’s failure to secure the capital during the British invasion is largely a result of Jefferson’s decision to reduce the size and capacity of the Army and Navy, a policy decision Madison championed and one that continued in his presidency as Gallatin remained in his position as secretary of the treasury.

As McDonald correctly observes: “Objecting to navies on the theory that they increased the likelihood of war, Jefferson and Gallatin proposed to scrap the seagoing vessels and defend the nation’s harbors with the maritime equivalent of militias, which is to say gunboats” (2000, 51). S. Army and Navy rapidly reduced the national debt. Sir Isaac Newton’s Third Law of Motion is particularly relevant for explaining the policy process in this context, because for every action an equal and opposite reaction occurs.

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