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Hippolvte Baraduc o f France (no biographical data can be located). It consisted ofa copperneedle suspended horizontally by a thread from the top center o f a glass dome. Beneath the dome was a horizontal dial marked oft in circular degrees. " rotate die needle left or right to die number of degrees marked on d ie diiil. A. M . O . R. C . (Ancient and Mystical Order of the Rose Cross, odierwise known as the Rosicnician Brotherhood) developed a similar device consisting o f a needle floating on water.

The audior does not recommend conducting experiments using dead animals because o f potential health problems lo say nothing ol the reaction or neighbors or colleagues. 53 Mind Machines You Car Build What If It Dcesn't Work? If negative results are forthcoming from any or all o f die experiments suggested above, the first step is to try them again. Something (we don't know what) might have gone wrong in the preparations tor the first tests. I f negative results are obtained on the second tiy. give the pyramids to an acquaintance and have them perform the experiments.

Such hypotheses must be viewed as ''beliefs" or the results ofwishfiil thinking rarher than the products o f data from carefully-conducted experiments. Perhaps some reader may be able to design, carry out. and validate a repeatable experiment dint will lead toward the develop- 35 Mine Machines You Can Build merit o f a valid hypothesis. Although the human mind is an incredible device itseli. and although we ate learning more and morcabout it every day, the actual exi stence ol "psycliic fields' or "mental forces' isn't confirmed.

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