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Quotation marks are not needed around the string, even if it contains spaces. An equals sign indicates that two different forms of the keyword are equivalent. Either will be accepted. The equals sign is not typed as part of the command. , the Template for the COpy command will be displayed: FROM/A/M,TO/A,ALL/S,QUIET/S,BUF=BUFFER/K/N,CLONE/S, DATES/S,NOPRO/S,COM/S FROM/ A/M indicates that the first argument must be given and multiple arguments are acceptable. TO/ A indicates that the second argument must always be given.

The [BUF IBUFFER = ] argument is optional. If given, you can use either BUF or BUFFER and a numerical argument. For instance, both BUF=5 and BUFFER=5 are acceptable. 42 THE USER'S MANUAL Template The command Template is a more condensed command description than the Format listing and is built into the system. ) after a command, the Template will appear to remind you of the proper syntax. In Template listings, command arguments and options are separated by commas and followed by a special code which indicates the type of argument.

I Device name or Volume name Directory name or Filename Subdirectory name or Filename ------ Figure I-B. The structure of a file description. SYS:commands DFO:bili DF1 :mary/letter DF2:mary/letter/jun18 DOC:report/section 1/figures FONTS:siliy-font C:cis Figure l-C. Examples of file descriptions. INTRODUCING AMIGAOOS 13 To gain access to a file on a particular disk, you can type its unique name, which is known as the disk's volume name, instead of the device name. For instance, if the file is on the disk "MCC", you can specify the same file by typing the name "MCCpeter/project-report".

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