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By Gerald J. Schueler

It is a sequel to Enochian Magic: a realistic Manual.  In this ebook, Schueler presents every little thing for the intense practitioner of the Enochian system-a process that's entire in itself, and but simply on the topic of different structures of Qabalistic or Shamanistic magick. it really is an incredible e-book for starting, intermediate or complicated scholars of magick and an essential source and guidebook for occult Orders and motels.

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Acirde, usually green, is drawn on the floor around yourself. Divine mames and appropriate symbols, such as the magical formulas, described later in this manual, are used to strengthen the cirde. Lamps or candles can be used outside the circle to ward off the forces of darkness. THE ALTAR. An altar is usually placed within the de. It symbolizes the foundation of your work. The altar should be foursquare to symbolize the stable basis of the Magick to be used as well as your fixed will. The altar can be made of either oak (rigidity) or acacia (resurrection).

With Air. This would associate the Dagger and Sword with Fire. This fine of reasoning concludes that Crowley and the Golden Dawn used deliberate blinds here to fool the unwary. Rather than take sides on this issue, you should first experiment with both combinations and then choose whichever works best for you. 55 56 THE MAGLCAL ROBE The Robe is that which conceals, and which protects the Magician from the elements; it is the silence and secrecy with which he works, the hiding of himself in the occutt Iife of Magick and Meditation.

Thine is the Water with its Ebb and Flow! Thine is the Earth with its enduring StabiIity! The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Figure 13, Appendix A, shows the major forces that cycle through the subquadrants of the four Watchtowers. Figure 14, Appendix A, shows the major characteristics and astrological signs associated with the sixteen subquadrants of the Watchtowers. The forces of Earth begin with chaotic violence. These lead gradually into formative forces, which result in establishing distinct forms.

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