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Cf. pp. 35- 42. 32 II THE NATION AND THE COMMUNITY OF NATIONS MACHIAVELLISM AND REALISM In actual fact what can all the international treaties and all the appeals to the nations to restrict their sovereignties in the higher interests of an international order avail if the conviction prevails that treaties need only be adhered to as long as appears profitable? That states can live according to their own code of laws, which is beyond good and evil? That politics turn only on the conception of friend and foe and are subject to a different set of morals than obtain between individuals?

The point of view expounded there coincides almost completely with that stated here (cf. 'Krieg und Demokratie', by W. ROPKE, Friedenswarte, 1939, Vol. 39, No. 2). From among the older literature on the sociology of war, 'La Guerre et la Paix', by P. J. PROUDHON, Paris 1861, deserves to be read, despite all its absurdities. Very important aspects are dealt with in the exciting and to a great extent prophetic book of GUGLIELMO FERRERO, 'La Fin des Aventures, Guerre et Paix', Paris 1931. 2. (p. 27) War of Conflict and War of Aggression: The difference between the limited and the unlimited war (war of destruction and supremacy) is specially discussed by G.

This is, however, true of all degrees of Machiavellism. This by no means covers everything of importance which is to be said on this difficult subject. Above all one aspect remains to be considered, which after the end of the second world war became increasingly significant. To put it shortly it is a question of confronting Machiavellism as a philosophy of political amorality with another set of ideas which in their upshot are possibly no less pernicious: with moralistic illusionism, easily kindled idealism and impracticable optimism, which fail to recognize the tough game of international politics.

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