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By Craig Shaw Gardner

Verse the second one within the Ballad of which an uninformed apprentice learns what comes after "Once upon a time..."

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Damsel and Dragon continued: “First you fling your right foot, fast and free; You might crush a bush, you might crush a tree. Then you kick your left foot, what a romp; And if they don’t like it—Stomp! Stomp! ” Damsel and Dragon crushed a large amount of underbrush under foot for emphasis before they launched once again into the chorus: “Don’t you act so nonchalant, Let’s both go where the dancing’s hot! Cause you can go—“ “Twenty-three years,” Mother Duck went on. “I’ve been doing this for twenty-three years, and never, ever .

Was this what he had to beware of, as the boulder had cautioned? Yet the large man did not attack. Instead, he simply stood there, the giant club still raised above his massive head. ” Wuntvor said after a moment. ” the large man asked. ” Wuntvor expanded. “Oh,” the large man answered. ” “Yes,” Wuntvor prompted. ” “Oh,” the large man answered again. ” Wuntvor smiled. Now he was getting somewhere! ” “Doom,” the large man replied. But Wuntvor wasn’t about to give up. ” he prompted again. The large man nodded his head and lowered his club.

I like the kid and the grandmother. A nice family angle. The woods and the goodies aren’t bad either. They lend necessary color, I think. And the wolf eating the grandmother gives us that good old fairy tale violence that children love so much. ” Jeffrey smiled, pleased with the approval. “Why, I eat the kid, too! ” Mother Duck made a face. ” Jeffrey replied, somewhat miffed. ” And with that, Mother Duck climbed back up the hill. Jeffrey the wolf trotted right behind her. My hope faded as Mother Duck walked away.

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