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By M.J. Forrest

This record offers an outline of the chemical research of thermosets. fabrics in keeping with thermosets current the analyst with significant demanding situations because of their complexity and the wide variety of polymer varieties and ingredients on hand. This overview units out to give an advent to the analytical thoughts and techniques which are used to characterise and perform quality controls paintings on thermosets, examine the failure of thermosets items and to deformulate thermoset compounds. The assessment is observed through round four hundred abstracts from papers and books within the Rapra Polymer Library database, to facilitate additional studying in this topic.

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4 Pyrolysis Gas Chromatography Another method which enables the polymer type within a thermoset sample to be identified is pyrolysis gas chromatography. This method can be applied to either the extracted portion of the sample or the sample as received. In the former case any relatively low molecular weight additives elute early on and do not have a significant influence on the pyrogram as a whole. As with pyrolysis IR, a database of standards needs to be put together and then the pyrogram fingerprints of unknowns can be matched.

Sepe (251) has summarised other considerations that prevent DSC from being used as a reliable method for absolute determinations of degree of cure. The usefulness of DSC in the monitoring of thermoset cures is illustrated by the fact that the determination of the heats and temperatures of reaction in one such system, phenolic resins, is the subject of an international standard, ISO 11409. A useful comparative approach, is that where a polymer system gives a glass transition temperature that is easy to determine by DSC, this can be used to follow the reaction with respect to the degree of conversion of the monomers.

It is also possible though to use parallel plate methods which can cope with powders and pastes. It is these physical limitations that give DEA and DSC a big advantage over this technique for this type of work. The key parameters for this type of work are the shear storage modulus (G´), the shear loss modulus (G´´) and the complex viscosity which is given as the complex shear modulus divided by the phase angle. Tan delta can also be of value since the gelation point of the system is the point where G´=G´´ and tan delta is unity.

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