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By Austin Osman Spare

The final occult writing of Austin Osman Spare, the founding father of Sigil Magic.

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She knew immediately that it was not large oval-shaped craft immersed in a white an animal, but an erect humanoid being. It glow that plunged out of clouds and performed stared at her, illuminated by the headlights. She extraordinary manoeuvres in mid-air. A red instinctively screeched the Cadillac to a halt and beam emerged from the UFO and swept the turned back to sec the figure once more. It had ground as if searching for something. Every time been dazed by the collision, but was seemingly the police officers tried to close in on the object, unhurt and was now rushing off to the side of the it backed away.

Area at the same time and that all attempts to There are some clear similarities bcnveen identify it had failed. However, the US Air Force this isolated being and the terrifying goblin-like later claimed the sighting was nothing more than creatures in a mirage caused by stars and freak weather Hopkinsville, Kentucky, on August 2 2 , 1 9 5 5 , conditions. This did not convince the police after a UFO had landed ncar by. The Sutton witnesses, who said that the object reacted to family had then reported how several such their presence as if under intelligent control.

The serial, however, remains superior. In the story, Quatermass and the Pit, debris from a psychic forces can be recorded and replayed across the centuri es i nside rock; the ' earthlights' concept of crashed spaceship is dug up from an underground station electromagnetic in London during renovation work. Psychic forces are hallucinations unleashed in the process and goblin-like creatures are discovery of 'window areas' , where a history of strange found buried in the wreckage. Kneale speculates that the phenomena has turned a small area into a 'L1'0-haunted forces from the triggering natural subconscious envi ronment; the ship has been hidden for millions of years and whenever zone'; Dr Carl Jung's suggestion, published in 1 959, that stress has been placed on it, such as during building UFOs might be an important symbol \\ithin the collective work, psychic forces have been triggered.

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