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By Julius Firmicus Maternus

The translator, Jean Rhys Bram, writes, "Magic, philosophy, technological know-how and theology mix in unusual methods within the taking into consideration the final centuries of the Roman empire..... Firmicus appeared helpful of be aware for plenty of purposes. he's nearly by myself as writer of works produced either prior to and after an obvious conversion to Christianity.... He left a long guide detailing the astrological practices of his day, the single paintings which has come all the way down to us in its entirety [90% entire: Holden] out of diverse astrological treatises written within the Hellenistic and Roman periods..... This guide used to be very important since it used to be the channel for astrological lore to the center a long time and Renaissance." (from the Preface) one of many best of all historical astrological texts, this is often additionally one of many best-translated.

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They claim that once we are created, Fate leads us into the light and opens the doors of life to men arriving for their earthly experience. If the beginning and end of life are set up for us by the law of Fatal Necessity, what else is there which is not in its power, if the beginning and end are decreed by its decrees? 6. See, there is one, his human shape not yet formed, who dies in his mother's womb. In the case ofanother, although he is formed and already freed from the womb, his vital spirit does not feed on air.

Bona Fortuna is located in the fifth house from the ascendant and is called by the Greeks Agathe Tyche. The Bonus Daemon is located diametrically opposite this house, that is, the eleventh house from the ascendant. This house is called Agathos Daemon by the Greeks. XVII UNASPECTED HOUSES 1. The remaining four houses are all feeble and debilitated beca use of the fact that they are not aspected to the ascendant. The first of these remaining four houses, however, which is located in the second house from the ascendant, is called the Gate of Hell, or the Anafora (rising up from the Underworld).

VII THE CONDITIONS OF THE PLANETS 1. Now that we have described the terms, we must explain which stars rejoice by day and which by night, and whose condition they follow. 2. The ones which rejoice by day are: the Sun, Jupiter, and Saturn. Thus Jupiter and Saturn follow the condition of the Sun. Therefore, in diurnal charts, if they are in favorable positions, they indicate good fortune. Venus, Mars, Mercury, and the Moon rejoice by night. There­ fore Venus, Mars, and Mercury follow the condition of the Moon.

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