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By Gerald Massey

Along with his previous sequence in Egyptology, Gerald Massey became present doctrine on its head to argue that not just had Egypt spawned human civilization, yet that Egyptian mythology was once the root for Jewish and Christian ideals. The end result of his years at this actual highbrow pursuit, historic Egypt: the sunshine of the realm is Massey's crown jewel. during this, the main philosophical (in either tone and thought) of his Egyptological works, Massey, ever the intrepid escort, leads a travel via millions of years of sociological, cultural, and religious improvement, all of the whereas pointing, with fantastic cause and persuasive prose, to a far off, universal, Egyptian starting place. British writer GERALD MASSEY (1828-1907) released works of poetry, spiritualism, Shakespearean feedback, and theology, yet his best-known works are within the realm of Egyptology, together with A booklet of the Beginnings and The normal Genesis.

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At that time, or in the pre-eval state, the earth as yet was undivided into South and North; the Mythical Cow was not yet cut in twain, or the mother separated into the Two Women. Much is told us by tradition if we can but interpret truly. It says the race of beings was not then divided, and had but one leg to go or stand on, meaning there was but one stock. All the earth, in later phrase, being of one blood and of one language. The sexes were not yet divided by the lizard, as female pubescence was quaintly figured.

From Fu, the Puff-adder. H. from Ha, the panting Lion. H. from Hem or hum, the Grasshopper. N. N. N. P. Lion. from Mu, the Vulture. from Neh, the Black Vulture. from the Lizard. from the Fish. from the Crocodile. from Peh, the Lioness. T. T. T. U. U. U. from Ta, the Nestling. from the Hoopoe. from Tet, the Ibis. from the Duckling. from Un, the Hare. from Ur, the Finch. M. N. 42 P. from Pa, a Water-fowl. R. or L. from Ru, the Lion. R. from Ru, the Snake. R. from Ru, the Grasshopper. S. from Su, the Goose.

Where Herakles employs his club against the Hydra, the phallus was the typical weapon used by Horus against the Apap-dragon. Apap was the Image of Evil as negation, sterility, non-production; and the weapon of Horus symbolized the virile power of the procreative sun. Again, it is said the phallus of Osiris is agitated for the destruction of the rebels, and it dooms the beast Baba to be powerless during millions of years. ) The Lion and phallus are elsewhere identical as zootype and type of the solar force when it is said the luminous lion in its course (the sun) is the phallus of Ra.

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