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By Aaron Hornkohl

In historical Hebrew Periodization and the Language of the publication of Jeremiah, Aaron Hornkohl defends the diachronic method of Biblical Hebrew and the linguistic courting of biblical texts. utilizing the normal methodologies to the Masoretic model of the biblical e-book of Jeremiah, he seeks to this point the paintings at the foundation of its linguistic profile, picking that, even though composite, Jeremiah is probably going a fabricated from the transitional time among the 1st and moment Temple Periods.

Hornkohl additionally contributes to unraveling Jeremiah’s advanced literary improvement, arguing at the foundation of language that its 'short edition', as mirrored within the book’s previous Greek translation, predates that 'supplementary fabric' preserved within the Masoretic variation yet unprecedented within the Greek. however, he concludes that nor is written in past due Biblical Hebrew right.

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25). ” (Young 2003b: 310). At this juncture it is worthwhile to relate to the linguistic value of the Masoretic vocalization. On the one hand, there is no doubt that the pointing reflects a relatively late reading tradition that in many cases does not tally with the pronunciation reflected in the consonantal text. On the other hand, though, it is clear that the pronunciation of this reading tradition was no mere invention of the Masoretes, but was inherited from their predecessors. Barr (1987: 188–222) presents a balanced discussion; see also Morag 1974a; 1974b.

A text is to be considered northern only if (d) it contains a concentration of distinctively northern linguistic features. While there is little doubt that BH as represented in the Tiberian Masoretic tradition conceals viable linguistic phenomena especially typical of northern users of ancient Hebrew, and while Rendsburg’s methodology certainly provides for some measure of scientific rigor, for a number of reasons it cannot promise the same degree of objectivity offered by Hurvitz’ diachronic approach.

Nonetheless, the recognition that some amount of the linguistic variety in the Hebrew Bible may derive from its absorption of colloquial elements in no way contradicts, but rather complements, the diachronic approach to the language. , rhythm, word- and sound-play, parallelism, archaic forms and structures—that distinguish its language from that of (most) non-poetic genres. From a more specifically diachronic perspective, BH poetry is known for exhibiting two opposing tendencies that directly affect the degree to which it may be expected to represent contemporary linguistic norms—namely, stylistic and linguistic conservatism, on the one hand, and poetic license, on the other.

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