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Historical Rome tracks the growth from the mythical founding of Rome by way of Romulus in 753 BCE, to the heights of the Roman Empire round 117 CE, and directly to the dying of Theodosius (the final guy to rule over a unified Roman Empire) in 395 CE.

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The unglamorous modern of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus used to be, however, a member of the second one Triumvirate who performed an important position within the political, spiritual and armed forces affairs of the past due Republic. via a cautious exam of Lepidus's profession, Richard D.

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Andre Tchernia is without doubt one of the best specialists on amphorae as a resource of monetary historical past, a pioneer of maritime archaeology, and writer of a wealth of articles on Roman exchange, significantly the wine alternate. This e-book brings jointly the author's formerly released essays, up-to-date and revised, with fresh notes and prefaced with a wholly new synthesis of his perspectives on Roman trade with a selected emphasis at the humans concerned about it.

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This honor gave him the same authority as a consul. The assembly’s confidence in the young Scipio was not misplaced; he was to prove himself one of the greatest generals of the ancient world. After landing in Spain, Scipio quickly restored the morale of the defeated troops, leading them to one victory after another. The following year, Scipio defeated Hasdrubal at the Battle of Baecula, but the Carthaginian managed to retreat with most of his army intact. Hasdrubal decided to abandon Spain and try to reach his brother Hannibal in Italy.

The Greek colonies could have been formidable enemies of Rome if they had acted in unison or if they had received assistance from their mother city-states in Greece. However, by the time Rome had defeated the Samnites, the mother cities had long since severed contact with their colonies in the Italian Peninsula. Therefore, the Greek colonies were forced to hire mercenary generals (who usually came from Greece) to command their armies. Rome became involved with the Greek colonies when the Athenian colony of Thurii sought its support against the Lucanians.

The Carthaginians sent a fleet to relieve their general and met the Roman ships at the Aegates Islands, just off the coast 36 (c) 2011 Marshall Cavendish. All Rights Reserved. THE PUNIC WARS near Drepana. After a fierce battle, the Carthaginian fleet was destroyed. Forced to accept defeat, the Carthaginians faced punitive conditions for peace. When the ceasefire was signed, Hamilcar and the Roman consul in command in Sicily agreed that Carthage would surrender Sicily, release all prisoners, and pay a total of 2,200 gold talents to Rome over a period of 20 years.

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