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Lepidus. The Tarnished Triumvir

The unglamorous modern of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus was once, however, a member of the second one Triumvirate who performed an important position within the political, non secular and army affairs of the past due Republic. via a cautious exam of Lepidus's occupation, Richard D.

Rome and her Enemies. An Empire Created and Destroyed by War

Spanning over one thousand years and a tremendous geographical sector, the Roman Empire was once the best in international background. At its strongest, the Empire forged a shadow around the identified international, and its legacy keeps to persuade politics, artwork and tradition world wide this present day. Rome's strength used to be received at the battlefield, and the greatness of the Empire is mirrored within the warlike reputations of the enemies it subdued.

What Did the Romans Know?: An Inquiry into Science and Worldmaking

What did the Romans learn about their global? quite a bit, as Daryn Lehoux makes transparent during this interesting and much-needed contribution to the historical past and philosophy of historic technology. Lehoux contends that even if a few of the Romans’ perspectives concerning the wildlife haven't any position in smooth science—the umbrella-footed monsters and dog-headed people who roamed the earth and the celebrities that foretold human destinies—their claims prove to not be so noticeably varied from our personal.

The Romans and Trade

Andre Tchernia is among the best specialists on amphorae as a resource of financial background, a pioneer of maritime archaeology, and writer of a wealth of articles on Roman alternate, particularly the wine alternate. This e-book brings jointly the author's formerly released essays, up-to-date and revised, with fresh notes and prefaced with a wholly new synthesis of his perspectives on Roman trade with a specific emphasis at the humans taken with it.

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Between the aristocracy of birth and wealth and the vast moneyless mob there was bitter hostility. War of class against class was bound to come. A few patriotic statesmen tried in vain to avert the dreadful climax. The Gracchi brothers, grandsons of the great 35 Ancient Rome Scipio Africanus who defeated Hannibal at Zama, came forward as champions of the people. They proposed laws to redistribute the public lands and to limit the powers of the corrupt and selfish Senate. Both men fell victims to their foes, Tiberius in 133 bc and Gaius 12 years later.

Two Centuries of Peace and Prosperity With the establishment of the Empire, the century of civil strife, which had also seen almost constant warfare abroad, was followed by two centuries of profound peace broken only by frontier warfare. At home literature and civilization flourished, and in the provinces responsible men held power. More and more the Mediterranean world 47 Ancient Rome Constantine the Great. The Bridgeman Art Library/Getty Images 48 The Roman Empire came to resemble one great nation.

Hadrian was probably educated in Rome. Through the emperor’s good will he was rapidly promoted in military and political posts. While on a military campaign with Trajan in the Middle East, the emperor adopted him—a sure sign Hadrian was destined to succeed him. Two days later, on August 11, 117, it was learned that Trajan had died. The army immediately proclaimed Hadrian emperor. Hadrian was a man of culture, sensitivity, and religious devotion. His artistic temperament manifested itself in his poetry, his architectural designs, his very style of life.

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