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By Laurence A. Turner

The 4 narrative blocks which contain Genesis are prefaced by means of statements ('Announcements') which recommend ways that the consequent tales are inclined to strengthen. the writer concludes that the 'Announcements' impression their narratives in lots of other ways and they are deceptive signs of the way plots will improve. Genesis is extra involved to offer the ironies of human purpose and divine windfall than to recount the understanding of any pre-ordained plan on God's half. This unique and fresh monograph, written in a energetic sort, is sure to change the best way readers take note the Genesis tales.

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Let me note, immediately, that Yahweh does not in ch. 2). 2), enough has been said to show how the call of Abraham recalls the Babel story. 1-3, we must remember that this divine Announcement itself is illuminated by being read against the filment of the promise made to the fathers'. 1 I will use this form of the name throughout, retaining the form Abram only in quotations. Similarly with the forms Sarai/Sarah. 2 Cf. von Rad, 'Form-Critical Problem', pp. 65-66; Dequeker, 'La vocation d'Abraham', p.

Muilenburg, 'Abraham and the Nations', pp. 389-90; de Pury, 'La tour de Babel', pp. 6-7. 2 This observation still stands, substantially, even if one accepts the view that the primaeval history as such ends in Gen. 21. Cf. Rendtorff, 'Genesis 8,21', pp. 69-78. (For a convincing rebuttal of RendtorfFs argument, see Steck, 'Genesis 12 1-3', pp. 1-3 is preceded by chs. 1—11, and immediately by the Babel narrative and the genealogies; the points of contact outlined above make a comparison mandatory.

23 should be translated as, 'Yahweh God 1. 1 Like his parents before him he offends Yahweh, and like them he is punished: *You are cursed from the ground (ha^damti)... 11-12). However, his punishment exceeds that of his parents,2 just as his offence exceeded their offence. 18-19a). However, in ch. 4 the curse falls on Cain himself, who is banished from the *dama. 12]), it strongly suggests that he will be even less successful in subduing it than Adam. 4 The likelihood of Cain being able to subdue the earth has been expelled him from the Garden of Eden (and) from tilling the soil from which he had been taken'.

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