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32 B&K beyerdynamic Brauner CAD Coles Earthworks ElectroVoice Groove Tubes 4007 Large Diaphragm Prepolarized Condenser Close-micing drums, percussion, brass M-500 Limited Edition Classic (Silver) Large Diaphragm Condenser Vocal, instruments MC-834 Large Diaphragm Condenser Vocals , piano, strings, brass, voice-overs VM1 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser w/Class A amp Reference recording Equitek E100 Condenser Vocal, instrument, drum overheads Equitek E200 Condenser Vocal, orchestra, acoustic guitar, kick drum Equitek E350 Servo Condenser Vocal, piano, overhead, acoustic guitar, amps C400S Large Diaphragm Condenser General Studio VSM1 Single Valve Condenser Vocal, strings, guitar 95Ni Dynamic Vocal, instrument amps 4038 Large Diaphragm Boundary - Ribbon Sax, horns, piano, guitar Z30x Enhanced Cardioid Condenser Vocal, guitar, drums, general purpose TC30K Omni Condenser Drums, guitar, bass PL20 Mid Diaphragm Dynamic Early predecessor to the RE20 - Bass, drums, vocals, electric guitar N/D357 Mid Diaphragm Dynamic Frequency expressly contoured for female vocals MD-1 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Studio vocal, general purpose Please Note: All trademarks appearing above are the property of their respective owners.

35 Sony C800G C37P C48 Telefunken U-47 Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser Vocals: studio and post-production Tube Condenser General purpose Large Diaphragm FET Condenser Vocals, guitar Large Diaphragm Tube Condenser An extremely rare vintage version of the U-47 from the days when Telefunken distributed mics for Neumann. This sample is still equipped with the original tube. Please Note: All trademarks appearing above are the property of their respective owners. The manufacturer names and model designations are used solely to identify the microphones analyzed in the development of our digital models and do not in any way imply any association with or endorsement by any of the named manufacturers.

In fact, try one whose characteristics are as different as possible from your physical mic. • Select Bypass in the Source Mic menu to combine the sound of your physical mic with the sound of the modeled mic. • Create a “Hyper” version of one of your source mics. To do this, select Bypass in the Source Mic menu (to pass through the sound of your mic unmodified) and then select your source mic in the Modeled Mic menu. The result will be to accentuate all of the characteristics that give your source mic its unique character, making it sound like itself, only more so.

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