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By K. Aksnes (auth.), Victor Szebehely (eds.)

This quantity includes the specified textual content of the main lectures and the abstracts of the lectures added through the seminar periods. the topic of our NATO complex learn Institute in 1981 used to be the appliance of contemporary Dynamics to Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics. This Preface will first clarify the terminology, then it's going to overview almost immediately the content material of the lectures and should define how all this used to be made attainable and, ultimately, it's going to divulge our destiny aspirations. Periodicity is an incredibly vital thought in our box, for that reason, it may now not be unforeseen that our NATO complicated research Institute is having fun with a interval of 3 years. considering the fact that 1972 we carried out 4 Institutes with expanding curiosity and en­ thusiasm displayed by means of the contributors, academics and via this Director. Celestial Mechanics or Dynamical Astronomy is a part of Astronomy dealing commonly with the movement of usual celestial our bodies. Astrodynamics or Orbital Mechanics is the appliance of dynamics to difficulties of house Engineering and it treats normally the dynamical habit of man-made satellites and house probes. The underlying mathematical and dynamical ideas are, after all, a similar for Celestial Mechanics and for Astrodynamics. This Director of the Institute and Editor of the complaints was once tremendous lucky to have bought the cooperation of out­ status teachers who have been transparent, thorough, comprehensible, sufferer to reply to questions, yet chiefly, had wisdom of the ix V. Szebehely (ed.). purposes of recent Dynamics to Celestial Mechanics and Astrodynamics. ix-x.

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In press. Synnott. S. : 1980, IAU Circular No. 3507. Synnott, S. : 1981, Science, ~, 1392. THE MOTION OF SATURN'S CO-ORBITING SATELLITES 1980Sl AND 198053 G. Colombo University of Padova, Italy, and the Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts ABSTRACT. The Trojan asteroids located at Jupiter's L4 and L5 Lagrangian points, 60° ahead and behind Jupiter, respectively, are members of a large family of objects which are locked in 1:1 orbital resonance with the planet. These objects, in the average, move about the Sun at the same rate as Jupiter.

In particular, we wish to study whether an unperturbed motion at, or near, a resonance will remain near that resonance after the perturbation is applied. What follows is applicable to a wide class of systems, but in order to be more definite and make the 25 V. ), Appliclltio1l8 of Modem Dyruzmics to Celestilll Mechllnics and Astrodyruzmics, 25-44. Copyright @1982 by D. Reidel Publ;Ihing Company. 26 Jo Do HADJIDEMETRIOU main ideas clearer we shall study planetary systems with two planets, where one or both planets have non-zero masses.

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