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By Sir David Ross

Written by means of popular Aristotle student Sir David Ross, this examine has lengthy been demonstrated as one of many most excellent surveys of Aristotle's existence, paintings and philosophy. With John L. Ackrill's creation and up-to-date bibliography, created for the 6th version, the booklet keeps to function a typical consultant, either for the scholar of old background and the final reader.

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1404 b22. Cf. Pol. 1336 b28, Poet. 1448 a31. 59 Meteor. 362 b9. There are, however, reasons for doubting the genuineness of this passage. 60 Cat. 2 a1; Phys. 219 b21; Rhet. 1385 a28. But the conjunction of the Lyceum with the agora in the first two passages reminds us that these were Socrates’ favourite resorts. The selection of them as instances of place may easily have been earlier than the foundation of Aristotle’s school. 61 345 a1. 62 1311 b1. 63 1397 b31, 1399 b12. 64 See ch. 54. 7. -VII.

VII. VIII. 8 Met. 992 a32. 9 Other places mentioned are Antandria, Arginusæ, Lectum, Pordoselene, Proconnesus, Scamander, Sigeum, Xanthus, the Hellespont, the Propontis. Cf. Thompson, trans. of Hist. , p. , Arisiotle as a Biologist, 12. 10 12. 18 ff. 11 In his will he put his affairs into Antipater’s hands; but this seems to have been merely the common form for invoking legal protection. 12 Pl. Euthyph. 2 a; Lysis, 203 a; Euthyd. 271 a. 13 In Theophrastus’ will, Diog. Laert. V. 51, we read of and (presumably the shrines of the Muses and of Apollo), and of a large and a small or loggia.

A study of these discussions has now led me to think that the priority of VII, VIII to IV, V, VI has been made out; but the relation of the three detached treatises in Bks. I, II, III to the other books remains doubtful. The question is much too complicated to be gone into here. Cf. p. 235 f. 67 Jaeger’s brilliant argument for this order in his Aristoteles seems to me convincing. II LOGIC The sciences are divided by Aristotle1 into the theoretical, the practical, and the productive; the immediate purpose of each kind is to know, but their ultimate purposes are respectively knowledge, conduct, and the making of useful or beautiful objects.

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