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My cousin was certainly very visible to her daughter, "Mike and I were trekking across country and I sud- even in the mountains of Turkey. denly saw you," she said. "As soon as we got to a place It is possible that a number of ghost sightings that where there was a phone I called, but there was no have been reported are actually glimpses of people who answer. " are astral traveling. My cousin originally thought that she had dreamed about her daughter, but when she learned that she had correcdy seen the cross-country trek in the mountains, Bilocation and that her daughter had seen a vision of her, she real- There are many recorded instances of bilocation, which is ized that she must have astral traveled.

Becoming more concerned as each house with several other people in London. One of day passed, my cousin found it hard to sleep. Finally, them always said, " G o o d night, D a d " out loud before almost four weeks after receiving a letter from her going to bed, because his father astral traveled every daughter, she managed to drift off into a resdess sleep. night to check on his children, who were scattered In her sleep, she astral traveled to her daughter and found her and her partner enjoying a vacation in the around the globe.

Simply allow floating as this happens. You may feel yourself vibrating it happen. T h e very slightest bit of resistance on your or shaking all over. You may experience a tickling sensa- part will bring you straight back into your body. tion on your face, as if someone is brushing a fine feath- Once you have astral traveled once, this will cease to be er over it. Try to simply go with the flow when any of a problem, as the experience will be so exciting and exhil- these things happen, and allow yourself to slip out of the arating for you that you will immediately want to do it physical body.

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