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By Robert Develin

The purpose of this paintings of reference is to supply an entire year-by-year checklist of officers from archaic and classical Athens, in addition to, the place applicable, a brief observe in their actions, together with all of the facts concerning an individual's workplace in a specific yr. It additionally comprises all nation decrees datable to any 12 months or which comprise correct info. It bargains a easy reference, of a type that has formerly been missing, for the learn of Athenian magistracies and respectable existence. The advent provides crucial information of the positions integrated, and the indexes supply an alphabetic directory of people with their workplaces, an inventory via geographical provenance (demes), and a sign of files of disputed date. so far as attainable using Greek and Latin has been shunned so that the e-book will be obtainable to a large readership. it may end up a basic software for destiny study.

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From 403/2 to 400/399 he and another held a similar position for revision of the laws. 3. Finally, in 404/3 we have the Thirty, the Ten and archons in Peiraieus. 16 The officials Religion We have already mentioned some officials concerned with religious matters. The concern here is with others who are evidenced in the general area of state religious business. Some thought has been necessary on criteria of inclusion. In the final analysis the functionaries of Eleusis were not included: see Clinton, Sacred Officials njf[.

Pol. 2 says they were chosen by lot, one per tribe, as will have been the case presumably in the wake of Kleisthenes, though it could have been similar under the previous four tribes. Logistai See Rhodes, Boule i n . From the middle of the fifth century we know of a board of 30 logistai, but we have no names. Ath. Pol. 2 records a board often chosen by lot. This may already be in place when we have our first names, for 407/6. Ath. Pol. does not say so, but they will have been chosen on the tribal principle (schol.

Ath. Pol. I44f. See above on Charmos and for the tyranny as a whole 546/5. PEISISTRATOS 556/5 (Ol. 1) Archon HEGESIAS PA 6309 Ath. Pol. 3 says he was archon in the year of Peisistratos' first expulsion, but even if this is not that year, the placing of him in the sixth year after Komeas is likely to be correct. It has been suggested by Cromey (Historia 1979? 95. 555/4 (Ol. 2) Archon EUTHYDEMOS PA 5514 MP A 41; Sosikrates apud Diog. 68 places him in Ol. 56 (556/5-553/2). ; Samuel, Chron. 112, wanted him in Ol.

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