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Pressac, who is certainly foxy but also a bit naive, shows how to do the trick. Because most of the figures of deportees are merely guesswork estimates, they are subject to change. Wellers “loaded” the rail convoys with 5,000 deportees each. Hilberg disagrees, finding that 5,000 persons per rail convoy is too many. So he simply says to hell with it, and decides on 2,000. If one calculates on the basis of 120 train convoys, this makes a big difference (240,000 compared with 600,000). Along comes Pressac, who is not happy with either of these – not on the basis of rail convoy capacity, but rather crematory capacity.

9 Nouvel Observateur, Sept. 30-Oct. 6, 1993, p. 94. ), Auschwitz: Plain Facts These “traces” might conceivably support the charge if we could reconstruct a context in which only one interpretation is possible. Or, if several interpretations were possible, a historian should discuss the various ones before choosing his answer. This is not Pressac’s practice. He dares not entertain the possibility of alternative interpretations of the documents. For if he were to give up calling these “the beginnings of proofs” (indeed, in a France-Inter radio interview he protested only feebly when a hasty journalist treated his “beginnings of proofs” as well-established proofs), Pressac would have to concede that all his work had been in vain.

C. Pressac, Auschwitz: Technique and Operations of the Gas Chambers, Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York 1989. Reviews and analysis of this book that have appeared in the Journal of Historical Review: M. Weber, 10(2) (1990), pp. 231-237; C. , 10(4) (1990), pp. 461-485; R. , 11(1) (1991), pp. , 11(2) (1991), pp. R. , 13(3) (1993), pp. 23-37. Serge Thion, History by Night or in Fog? 6 Now we are presented for the fourth time with what the press calls the definitive argument. ” He once distinguished himself by taking part, along with some shadowy political figures, in a phony academic “jury” that decreed, without reading it, that Henri Roques’ thesis on the “confessions” of Kurt Gerstein7 was completely worthless.

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