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Im Buch und auf der CD-ROM werden 39 Unterrichts-/ Vorlesungsthemen dargestellt. Die elektronischen Arbeitsbl? tter auf der CD-ROM liefern f? r Lehrer und Dozenten an Schulen und Hochschulen ein Medium mit dessen Hilfe grundlegende mathematische Begriffe veranschaulicht werden. Dies erfolgt sowohl in Schaubildern, dreidimensionalen Darstellungen als auch in Animationen, die in shape von kleinen Filmen abstrakte mathematische Begriffe greifbarer und damit begreifbarer machen.

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Context Menus A context menu is a pop-up menu that lists the operations and actions you can perform on a particular expression. 7. 7: Context Menu To display the context menu for an expression: • Right-click (Control-click, for Macintosh) the expression. The context menu is displayed beside the mouse pointer. You can evaluate expressions using context menus. 7) is equivalent to pressing Ctrl+= (Command+=, for Macintosh). That is, it inserts an equal sign (=) and then the value of the expression.

To use the top-level command, unload the package. 4 Palettes Palettes are collections of related items that you can insert by clicking or dragging. 1. 1: Expression Palette You can use palettes to enter input. For example, evaluate a definite integral using the definite integration item in the Expression palette. In 2-D Math, clicking the definite integration item inserts: > 1. Enter values in the placeholders. To move to the next placeholder, press Tab. Note: If pressing the Tab key inserts a tab, click the Tab icon the toolbar.

1) > For information on equation labels and equation label references, see Equation Labels (page 59). For more information on context menus, see Context Menus (page 20) in Chapter 1. 6 Assistants and Tutors Assistants and tutors provide point-and-click interfaces, with buttons, text input regions, and sliders. 3. 3: Interactive Plot Builder: Select Plot Type Dialog Launching an Assistant or Tutor To launch an assistant or tutor: 1. Open the Tools menu. 2. Select Assistants or Tutors. 3. Navigate to and select one of the assistants or tutors.

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