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Open Networked "i-Learning": Models and Cases of "Next-Gen" Learning

A brand new total interdisciplinary framework known as “i studying” integrates managerial association and expertise facets often referred to as “technology improved learning”. Open Networked "i Learning": types and situations of “Next-Gen” studying starts off its research with the real adjustments that experience lately happened in the administration, expertise and society fields.

Regionalism Among Developing Countries

Within the final decade, regionalism seems to have emerged as an important new strength on the planet. This publication places it in its historic context. areas have emerged earlier than; few are outdated simply because they both evolve into federal structures or get a divorce. the present areas are much less dominant than their critics worry (they account for roughly a 3rd of global trade), yet suggest extra integration than an easy view that they're approximately liberalising exchange.

High Above: The Untold Story of Astra, Europe's Leading Satellite Company

Usually it is recommended that the ‘golden age' of tv was once through the interval 1950-1960. it's actual that tv nearly ruined Hollywood's fortunes in this interval. but when this used to be the actual golden age, then it used to be an age of black and white, a bit of restricted creativity, bad reception, loss of pageant (except within the usa) and – frequently – public carrier broadcasting.

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12. prod. 1. 458. BRACHYSTELMA. Corolla campanulata, sinubus angulatis. Columna inclusa. Corona monophylla, quinquefida: lobis antheris oppositis, dorso simplicibus. Antheræ absque membranâ apiculari. Massæ pollinis erectæ, basi insertæ. Brown in Curtis’s magaz. 2343. Brachystelma tuberosum. Brown 1. c. Stapelia tuberosa. Meerb. ic. t. 54. fig. 1. Tuber rotundum. Caulis suffruticens, ramosus; rami teretes, villosi. Folia opposita, membranacea, lineari-lanceolata, concava, margine et carinâ ciliatis.

51. tab. 62. Caudex nucleus brevis basi stoloniferus. Folia multifaria, infernè se invicem convoluto-complectentia, indè divergentia, lorito-lanceolata cuspidata glabra basi purpurascentia margine dentato-spinosa dentibus ustulato-nigricantibus, longiora 14-15-uncialia latitudine parum infra triuncialem. Caulis simplex, subsesquipedatis, strictus, crassitudine digiti, subflexuosus, albo-farinosus, cylindraceus, tectus bracteis erectis spathaceis sparsim imbricantibus semiamplexicaulibus membranosis obsoletè rubidis lanceolatis 3-4-uncialibus, superioribus latioribus confertioribus integerrimis spicam partìm comprehendentibus.

Colvill’s Nursery. A new asclepiadeous genus from the pen of the able reformer of that natural order. Every one will be struck by the primâ facie resemblance it bears to STAPELIA. “Corolla campanulate, with angular sinuses. Column inclosed. Crown 1-leaved, 5-cleft: lobes opposite to the anthers, unappendaged at the back. Anthers without the membranous apex. Pollen masses upright, inserted by their base. “Tuber round. Stem subshrubby, branching; branches round, villous. Leaves opposite, membranous, linearly lanceolate, concave, ciliate at the edge and keel.

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