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By Lili St. Crow

She’s no angel . . . negative Dru Anderson. Her mom and dad are gone, her ally is a werewolf, and she’s simply discovered that the blood flowing via her veins isn’t totally human. (So what else is new?) Now Dru is caught at a mystery New England institution for different kids like her, and there’s an incredible challenge— she’s the single woman within the position. a college filled with lovely boys wouldn’t be so undesirable, yet Dru’s killer intuition says that certainly one of them desires her lifeless. And with all eyes on her, getting to know a traitor in the Order may possibly suggest much more than social suicide. . . Can Dru live on lengthy sufficient to determine who has betrayed her trust—and even perhaps her middle?

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The wulfen leapt ahead, some of them blurring between fur and skin in that clay-under-water way they do, and I swallowed another harsh 46 sound. It’s always weird to see them change and to hear the crackle of bone shifting, flesh running, and fur sprouting…. Yeah. It about makes your lunch want to escape, even if you haven’t had any. And even if you were used to Bigtime Weird. ” Dylan made a short, sharp movement, and his voice dropped into a hurt-angry whisper. ” Yeah, I don’t think you could help me even if I did talk to you.

He dropped down, and his tray held a huge pile of raw meat slopping over the edge of a plate. I saw two T-bone steaks and a mess of hamburger, and my stomach turned over. I swallowed and reached for my coffee. ” He scratched at his leg through his jeans and grinned. White teeth gleamed, and his hair was a buttergloss sheen. Girls would probably love him, he had the big-eyed look of a nervous deer. “I, um. ” I took a mouthful of scrambled eggs. Tried not to look at his plate. ” He looked genuinely confused.

Somehow my arm had ended up around his waist, and he settled onto the seat right next to me. The surface of the bath crackled against his sweater. I gasped again, my skin pain-peeled like after a sunburn, and tipped my head back. Bubbling not-water turned gray, dirt swirling through it before it was whisked away by the current. A leaf fell out of my hair, hit the turbulent surface, and was pulled under. The not-water was neck-deep on me, and only chest-deep on him. ” Now he sounded close to panic, and I realized I was making another low, keening sound.

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