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By Anne Perry

Inspector Thomas Pitt is surprised. The physique of a boy, in actual fact from the higher sessions, has been present in the filthy sewers of Bluegate Fields, one among London’s most threatening slums. What’s extra, the unlucky boy have been violated sooner than he used to be murdered. So vile a case is rarely a subject for drawing-room conversation.But whilst the Waybournes, the boy’s kinfolk, refuse to respond to the police’s questions, Inspector Pitt starts off to ask yourself what secrets and techniques they are attempting to conceal. Pitt’s spouse and helpmeet, Charlotte, is set to discover out–even if it potential tearing down the fa?ades of an oh-so-proper kin.

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He stood a little unsteadily, then turned and walked out of the room, up the steps, and into the daylight. Pitt ran his hand through his hair, leaving it on end. "Poor man," he said softly, to himself rather than to Gillivray. " Gillivray said anxiously. " Pitt sank down with his head in his hands. " 16 1 here was not time for the decencies of mourning to be ob served. People's memories were short; details passed from mind. Pitt was obliged to return to the Waybourne family the next morning and begin the inquiries that could not wait upon grief or the recapturing of composure.

Wayboume hesitated, torn between the desire to stay and make sure nothing was said that was distasteful or careless, and the foolishness of allowing his anxiety to be observed. He gave Jerome a cold, warning look, then went to the door. When it was closed behind him, Pitt turned to the tutor. There was really very little to ask him, but now that he was here, it was better to go through the formalities. "Mr. Jerome," he began gravely. "Sir Anstey has already said that you observed nothing unusual about Mr.

It was stupid-the boy was dead now anyway. Perhaps that was why Pitt was so upset by Cutler's information. " he asked. " "Sometime die night before we found him," Pitt remarked. "I suppose dial was obvious. " "Upper middle class," Cutler said, as if thinking aloud. "Probably privately educated-a little ink on one of his fingers. Well fed-shouldn't think he'd gone hungry a day in his life or done a day's hard work widi his hands. The odd sports, probably cricket or something of that kind. Last meal was 8 expensive-pheasant and wine and a sherry trifle.

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