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Obviously, unless the telepathy can work both ways, contact cannot be completed. To people of all ages who are interested in telepathic contact with our space visitors, I always suggest they test themselves with Earthly friends, both for sending and for receiving thoughts. For if a man cannot receive mental messages from someone with whom he is already acquainted, how can he expect success with those from other planets? Quest. 116. Do you believe in reincarnation? Ana Call it what you will, obviously the~e is a continuation of life.

Were it not for these "rest periods" for depleted ground, no planet couJd continue to support life. A portion of land, which in some long ago cycle was withdrawn from man's use, will rise. While other lands will again be covered with lifegiving seas to be revitalized; to 44 someday, in a far distant cycle, rise again for man to use. This has happened countless times in the past, so you can see our "world" is not going to be destroyed. From above, where their vantage point gives a greater overall observation, and with their technical knowledge and more advanced instruments than any on Earth, the Brothers are watching, too.

C. last year I learned that the Silence Group which is opposing the truth about flying saucers would like to see some kind of mystical religion spring up. Then they could say, "Didn't we tell you it was all mysticism, with the purpose of building up this religion, and there is no foundation ions in Long Beach and Beverly Hills. I believe that if it were important, 33 34 copies of these broadcasts could be obtained from the stations. These lessons consisted of purely philosophical talks on the laws of life from a universal concept which every person should know.

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