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By C Dean Anderson

The useless have risen. God support the dwelling. it really is too overdue to run. The zombies are all over. They stalk via city jungles and around the conscientiously manicured lawns of suburbia. They shudder to unlife at the bloodiest battlefields of the Civil battle and within the private tunnels of interstellar mining colonies. They lurk in your road, in you corporation boardroom, on your personal bed room. and so they starvation.

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He walked to each of the smiling teen addicts in turn, and injected a small amount of the fluid into them. ” I noticed they all seemed to go unconscious shortly after the injection. He injected me last. I awoke two days later, but that’s only a guess. Things from here on in get sort of fragmentary. Anyway, the morphine had long since worn off. Pain wracked my body. I couldn’t move without a horrible grinding pain in my joints. I discovered the seven of us were still hanging in the doc’s contraptions.

By then it had gotten damned quiet in that barn. Heard my own breathing, hard and heavy, as it frosted the cold air, but I didn’t hear anything else. I blinked a few times to clear my vision. The folks behind the screen were staring at me with big eyes, most of them with their mouths hanging open, wide. Then they all started cheering and yelling and clapping their hands, and I saw something else. I was standing in the endzone, and the only dead’uns that were still moving were the two that were down on their knees near the middle of the field, gnawing on Jimmy.

Immediately below him, a white-haired man spoke in a high, flutey voice to a broad-shouldered guy in a plaid flannel shirt. At least a generation separated them and something about the ease with which they sat together said to Forster that they were father and son. Directly over, a very obese young woman with stringy hair and a big white sweatshirt with a picture of border collie puppies on it unrolled a paper bag and took out a rattling package of cheese doodles. Down front was a row of Tamil guys, all of them in ski vests.

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