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By Nicolas Raymond

This ebook is a synthesis of contemporary advances within the spectral idea of the magnetic Schrödinger operator. it may be thought of a catalog of concrete examples of magnetic spectral asymptotics.

Since the presentation contains many notions of spectral thought and semiclassical research, it starts with a concise account of options and techniques utilized in the ebook and is illustrated by means of many common examples.

Assuming a number of issues of view (power sequence expansions, Feshbach–Grushin savings, WKB buildings, coherent states decompositions, basic types) a thought of Magnetic Harmonic Approximation is then validated which permits, particularly, exact descriptions of the magnetic eigenvalues and eigenfunctions. a few components of this conception, resembling these on the topic of spectral rate reductions or waveguides, are nonetheless available to complicated scholars whereas others (e.g., the dialogue of the Birkhoff general shape and its spectral outcomes, or the consequences with regards to boundary magnetic wells in size 3) are meant for professional researchers.

Keywords: Magnetic Schrödinger equation, discrete spectrum, semiclassical research, magnetic harmonic approximation

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8, Sec. 2 Non vanishing magnetic field in two dimensions Small aperture limit (Sec. 3) Conical singularity (Ch. 6, Sec. 2) Magnetic cone Normal form (Ch. 8, Sec. 2) Edge singularity (Ch. 8, Sec. 2) Magnetic wedge Boundary layer Semiclassical triangles (Sec. 1) Ch. 9 Broken waveguides Part 1 Methods and examples Chapter 1 Elements of spectral theory It will neither be necessary to deliberate nor to trouble ourselves, as if we shall do this thing, something definite will occur, but if we do not, it will not occur.

The main challenge here is to choose the appropriate scalings. The second step aims at giving a priori estimates satisfied by the eigenfunctions. These are localization estimates à la Agmon (see [3]). To prove them one generally needs to have a priori estimates for the eigenvalues which can be obtained with a partition of unity and local comparisons with model operators. Then such a priori estimates, which in general are not optimal, involve an improvement in the asymptotic expansion of the eigenvalues.

L / < C1. /? 1 Spectrum 31 Finally, let us prove another useful property. 13. Let L be self-adjoint. L/. L /u"n k Ä ". Proof. 12) and the conclusion follows. If is not isolated, we may consider a sequence of distinct numbers of the spectrum . n /n2N tending to and such that, " for all j; k 2 N, we have j j k j Ä 2 . L 1 /u1 k Ä 2 . The conclusion follows since " j 1 j Ä 2 . Let us now only treat the case when N D 2. L " C 2 j Ä " : 2 Ä ". Setting huQ "2 ; u"1 iu"1 ; " 2 1j j 1 2j C "Á : 2 2 1 j " j2 .

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