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By Friedrich Kremer, Andreas Schönhals

From the reviews:

from J.AM.CHEM.SOC. 2003, a hundred twenty five, 7748 by means of C.M. Roland, Naval learn Lab.:

"Certainly, it truly is well timed to have a ebook that gives a finished advent to the method and in addition compares it to comparable experimental equipment. it will facilitate use of dielectric spectroscopy via extra chemists, physicists, and fabric scientists. Given the dramatic bring up within the program of dielectric spectroscopy of past due, a learn monograph can be welcome. This bold textual content succeeds during this two-fold purpose."

From "ChemPhysChem", Vol. five, factor eleven, p. 1806-1807:

"(...) Summarizing, the ebook edited by means of Kremer and Schönhals is especially well timed, well-written and unusually homogeneous standard regardless of the massive variety of authors concerned. in addition to a picture of the state of the art of BDS as a contemporary approach, this publication additionally positioned BDS within the correct context and gives worthy hyperlinks to similar renowned actual equipment and study parts. The ebook is extremely steered to experts in physics, electric engineering, fabrics technology, and (bio)chemistry, in addition to to scholars in those disciplines. it truly is relatively helpful for readers who're attracted to dielectric suggestions, but additionally invaluable for a readership that's more often than not attracted to molecular dynamics and glass transition phenomena."
Dr. Michael Wübbenhorst, Fac. technologies, Delft Univ. of Technology

"Modern dielectric spectroscopy delivers new and specified details on a large variety of fabrics ... . definitely, it really is well timed to have a publication that provides a entire advent to the method ... . Given the dramatic raise within the software of dielectric spectroscopy of overdue, a examine monograph is additionally welcome. This bold textual content succeeds during this two-fold objective. ... Its presence is hard-earned within the library of dielectric spectroscopists or any scientist attracted to buying an intensive advent ... ." (C.M. Roland, magazine of the yank Chemical Society, Vol. a hundred twenty five, 2003)

"The publication edited via Kremer and Schönhals is especially well timed, well-written ... . along with a picture of cutting-edge of BDS as a contemporary process, this e-book additionally places BDS within the correct context and gives priceless hyperlinks to similar renowned actual tools and examine components. The e-book is very instructed to experts in physics, electric engineering, fabrics technology, and (bio)chemistry, in addition to to scholars in those disciplines. it's relatively necessary for readers who're drawn to dielectric recommendations ... ." (Dr. Michael Wübbenhorst, ChemPhysChem, Vol. five (11), 2004)

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In principle the polarization 13 See Sect. 2 for more details. 16 1 Theory of Dielectric Relaxation P= P(q, p) is a function of all coordinates q and impulses p. 34) H0 is the equilibrium energy of the system and H1 represents the energy of small fluctuations. 35) ⎡ H ( p, q) ⎤ f ( p, q) = Q–1 exp ⎢– ⎥ ⎣ k BT ⎦ where Q is the partition function of the system [13, 30]. The evaluation of Eq. 35) is difficult because only in rare cases the polarization is known as a function of all coordinates and impulses.

E. 1) C The only requirement for Eq. 1) is that f (ξ) is analytic inside the region surrounded by C [65]. 2 Derivation of the Kramers/Kronig-Relationships 27 Fig. 1. Integration path C for the derivation of the Kramers/Kronig relationships: a without a singularly at ξ = 0; b with a singularity at ξ = 0 according to f (ξ) = iA/ξ The Chauchy integral formula is valid for functions which are analytic in the region enclosed by C and on C itself. To derive the Kramers/Kronig relationships f(ξ) = ε*(ξ) – ε∞ is considered with an integration path, formed by the closed contour of the real axis (avoiding ω) and the semicircle in the upper complex half plane (see Fig.

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