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Following the ebook of the japanese version of this publication, a number of inter­ esting advancements came about within the sector. the writer desired to describe a few of these, in addition to to provide feedback bearing on destiny difficulties which he was hoping might stimulate readers operating during this box. For those purposes, bankruptcy eight used to be extra. except the extra bankruptcy and some minor adjustments made by means of the writer, this translation heavily follows the textual content of the unique eastern version. we wish to thank Professor J. L. Doob for his priceless reviews at the English version. T. Hida T. P. pace v Preface The actual phenomenon defined through Robert Brown used to be the complicated and erratic movement of grains of pollen suspended in a liquid. within the a long time that have handed considering the fact that this description, Brownian movement has turn into an item of research in natural in addition to utilized arithmetic. Even now a lot of its vital houses are being came across, and possibly new and precious facets stay to be stumbled on. we're getting a increasingly more intimate knowing of Brownian motion.

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K + j. k--+oo my, k) > O. 57), (JJ. k and mJ. k do not approach 0 simultaneously, so that for sufficiently small 8 > 0 we have limsupP(IXj-Xkl ~k--+oo >8)2~. 2 But this means that {Xn} does not converge in probability, a contradiction. 6 Gaussian Systems the Hilbert space L2(Q, B, P) and the limit X 00 can thus be found in I3(Q, B, Pl. The inner product E(Xn) = mn of Xn and 1, and the squared norm V(X n) = a; of X n - mn both converge to limits, say m and a 2 respectively. Thus the characteristic function of Xn converges to that of N(m, ( 2 ) and this limit function has to be the characteristic function of X 00 • This 0 proves the second half of the proposition.

Oo. P(IXm-Xnl >E) ..... O as We show only the sufficiency of the condition. By assumption we can find a sequence {n(k)} such that OUTLINE OF PROOF. 6 the series L (X n(k + 1) - X n(k») converges almost surely. But then lim k.... oo Xn(k)(W) = X(w) exists for almost every w. Again using the hypothesis we can find an N for every E > 0 such that for all m, n ~ N, P( IXm - Xn I > c) < E. From these facts P(IXn-XI >E)=p(lim IXn-Xn(k)1 k .... oo s:; lim inf P( IX n k .... oo - >e) X n(k) I > E) s:; E, 0 and so X n converges in probability to X as was to be proven.

Iv) Sums of Independent Random Variables Ln When the sequence {X n} is independent, the convergence of the series Xn has some striking aspects to it, one remarkable one being due to P. Levy. To explain his theorem we need two preliminary lemmas. Write Bn = B(Xk; k ~ n). 4 (Kolmogorov's 0-1 law). If an event A belongs to Bn for every n ~ 1, then P(A) is either 0 or 1. Events satisfying the condition in this lemma are called tail events. 30 1 Background Suppose that {Xn} is an independent sequence.

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