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Silvert, Chile: YUfnd~;· ~nd Today: Peter O. Snow, "The. sm in Chill: James Petras, CllllfiJn Chrlsfll1Jl D~moc,~ry .. l'olificl l1JId Social Forcu; Federico G. Gil, EI Sis/em .. l'olltico de Chile. More Tecl:nlly, Sergio Dnafre ft ; 32 Bureaucratic Politics and Administration in Chile MOr«lver. such an exercise might engender the impression that these ideologies do indeed encompass the precise desires of large sectors of Chilean society. The attrition of popular support [or Chilean presidents, graphically presented in Figure 3, is one indicator that, lhough political sophisticalion is high in Chile, written and expounded ideology has little more than a transitory hold on any but the most dedicated activists in each political party.

II), May 4, 19S3 (p. -,>, and April 1, 1956 (II. -,>. ist Movement, National People's Movement, Feminiae Progreuive, 0ti1eBn Feminine, National AJll"Vian, and Independent I~. Becaux dectonl data were never officially eompilcd tor the 1956 municipal election, the JIel(:eII~ ft&ure rqnaenlS the number of coWlCilmen elected. SuPportinll group:I tor A\cswIdri weu the Liberal and Coo_live parties; for Frei, the Ouistian Ilcrnc). st, Radical, Social DemocnItk, and PoIlUlu Socialist parties. dent's collectivity tended to do better at the polls in the first year than it did later on.

Simon. p. 163. , the need 10 smooth over personal relations among employees, and the benefits acg'\/;ng from timely . mthcr thQn p""'ipitou. annourn::cmonto, Simon'. contentloo that wIthhold_ ing of informalion u symplOmatie of an "incompetent and in=u~ =utive~ SCCIll$ 10 ~ 100 harlb. -nchman and Uphoff, Political Economy. p. S8. The conccplual dislinclion betW«D re~ and steto, resources can be used to analyze intcll]I;tion within the ~gime, so long I ! there Is a formal hierarchy prescnt Upper-level bureaucrau generally UlSC the equivalent or regime resolU'CCS in managmg their subordinate ..

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