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By Susan Andersen

Even though it has been years because the notorious Macy O'James stepped foot in Sugarville, Washington, each person recalls what she supposedly did. The tiny city continues to be humming approximately her crime and absence of punishment. Now again to lend her relatives a hand, Macy vows to carry her head high—especially at her highschool reunion. yet ignore the most well liked guy in Sugarville escorting her. notwithstanding she and hearth leader Gabriel Donovan generate adequate sparks to burn down the city, he is a law-abiding, line-toeing directly arrow. So no longer her variety. yet maybe—just maybe—he can switch her brain approximately that.

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Tyler piped up. ” “Yeah,” Charlie agreed around a mouthful of sweet potato fries. ” Resisting an unusual urge to check out Aunt Macy sans her wig in more microscopic detail than he’d already done, he kept his focus determinedly on Janna. ” Lenore agreed. ” Bud asked Macy in a low voice, promptly diverting Gabe’s attention. He looked across the table at her, wondering if she’d invest the story of being pulled over with the same hint of attitude he’d sensed when it had been happening. But she merely shrugged.

A bead of water slid down his tan neck and rolled over his clavicle, heading for the fan of hair. I will not lick it, I will not lick it. She forced her gaze back to his face. ” Her mind replayed his question and she straightened. ” “Flirting. It’s like breathing to you, isn’t it? ” “I don’t recall flirting with you. ” She had a pretty strong hunch this wasn’t a man to mess with and felt her heart gallop. But she’d learned young never to back down, and knew she was going to mess with him anyway.

And it bugged the bejesus out of him that if he were any other man, he’d find the ploy’s effectiveness factor off the charts. “Well, you’re certainly taking in the scenery,” she said. “Here. ” And, her elbows bent close to her waist and slender-fingered hands held palms up in the air, she spread her arms and slowly pivoted to display first the view from the left, then the back, then the right. And they all looked good. Turning face-front once again, she gazed at him from up under her lashes. ” He shrugged.

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