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By Stephen Randy Davis, Chuck Sphar

Regardless of how dumb you think that your readers are, you shouldn't stick a CD with a trojan behind the book!
I'll admit i discovered a replica of this ebook for an outstanding expense ($8.50), and eventhough i've got C# 2008, i presumed this might be a cheap approach to wake up to hurry. not less than avast! thinks it features a virus, and disabled the CD force. while i attempted the web site referenced within the e-book, it contained no connection with the booklet. (What FAQs?).
It may be decades, most likely perpetually, prior to i buy one other Dummies publication.

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The default name for your first application is ConsoleApplication1, but change it this time to ConsoleAppTemplate. In future chapters, you can open the template, save it as a new name, and already have the essentials in place. The default place to store this file is somewhere deep in My Documents. Maybe because I’m difficult (or maybe because I’m writing a book), I like to put my programs where I want them, not necessarily where Visual Studio wants them. In Chapter 1, I show you how to change the default project location to C:\C#Programs (if you want to simplify working with this book).

But integer truncation is unacceptable for many, if not most, applications. Actually, the problem is much worse than that. An int can’t handle the ratio ⁄9 either; it always yields the value 0. Consequently, the equation as written in this example calculates nCelsius as 0 for all values of nFahr. Even I admit that’s unacceptable. 5 This book’s CD includes an int-based temperature conversion program contained in the ConvertTemperatureWithRoundOff directory. exe to see the results. Handling Floating Point Variables The limitations of an int variable are unacceptable for some applications.

WriteLine(“Hello, “ + sName); Save a ton of routine typing with the new C# Code Snippets feature. WriteLine. Press Ctrl+K and then Ctrl+X to see a pop-up menu of snippets. Scroll down the menu to cw and press Enter. WriteLine() statement with the insertion point between the parentheses, ready to go. Chapter 2: Creating Your First C# Console Application When you have a few of the shortcuts like cw, for, and if memorized, use the even quicker technique: Type cw and press Tab. (Also try selecting some lines of code, pressing Ctrl+K, and then pressing Ctrl+S.

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