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By Joseph Atwill

I've got bought the rights to my paintings "Caesar's Messiah" from the writer and in might 2011, I published a moment variation often called The Flavian Signature variation of this comparable name. This re-creation includes discoveries now not within the first. the 1st is the confession of the Flavians that they invented Christianity. the second one exhibits series within the Gospel of Luke is a nearly line via line symbolic illustration of a bit of Josephus. I check with this discovery because the Flavian Signature in Luke, and think it places the query of who wrote the Gospels to leisure.

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30 In preparation for his campaign against the Parthians, Caesar received from the Senate the power to choose magistrates for the next three years in advance, the expected duration of that struggle. Lepidus was to govern the provinces of Narbonese Gaul and Hither Spain as proconsul and was chosen once again as magister equitum, at least until his departure for his provinces. Lepidus would hold the latter post for the early months of 44 BC and help Caesar prepare for the Parthian expedition. When Caesar left, Lepidus could also leave for his provinces.

Antony, ever the politician, said things to please both sections of the crowd so that he might gain a broader base of support. Those urging revenge on the assassins turned to Lepidus and asked him to lead their cause. He was requested to come down into the forum so that everyone could hear him better and he mounted the Rostra to speak, visibly sad at remembering a recent appearance with Caesar on the same platform. Lepidus followed Antony’s line of attack and tried to satisfy both sides. He praised Caesar, but said that vengeance for his murder would lead to further disruption of the state.

10 When the Senate met, a large number of its members seemed to be in favor of condemning Caesar and honoring the murderers for their act. As consul Antony skillfully addressed the body, reminding many who sat there that they owed their present or future offices to Caesar’s designation. This tactic struck home with many who had violently opposed Caesar moments earlier and they decided not to hold new elections for all those offices. While the discussion was going on, Antony and Lepidus left to address a crowd that had assembled nearby.

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