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Lepidus. The Tarnished Triumvir

The unglamorous modern of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, Marcus Aemilius Lepidus used to be, however, a member of the second one Triumvirate who performed an important position within the political, spiritual and army affairs of the overdue Republic. via a cautious exam of Lepidus's occupation, Richard D.

Rome and her Enemies. An Empire Created and Destroyed by War

Spanning over 1000 years and an incredible geographical quarter, the Roman Empire was once the best in global background. At its strongest, the Empire forged a shadow around the identified global, and its legacy keeps to steer politics, paintings and tradition worldwide this present day. Rome's energy used to be received at the battlefield, and the greatness of the Empire is mirrored within the warlike reputations of the enemies it subdued.

What Did the Romans Know?: An Inquiry into Science and Worldmaking

What did the Romans find out about their international? quite a bit, as Daryn Lehoux makes transparent during this interesting and much-needed contribution to the historical past and philosophy of historic technology. Lehoux contends that although a few of the Romans’ perspectives concerning the wildlife don't have any position in smooth science—the umbrella-footed monsters and dog-headed people who roamed the earth and the celebs that foretold human destinies—their claims prove to not be so significantly various from our personal.

The Romans and Trade

Andre Tchernia is without doubt one of the top specialists on amphorae as a resource of monetary heritage, a pioneer of maritime archaeology, and writer of a wealth of articles on Roman exchange, significantly the wine exchange. This publication brings jointly the author's formerly released essays, up-to-date and revised, with contemporary notes and prefaced with a wholly new synthesis of his perspectives on Roman trade with a selected emphasis at the humans all for it.

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GSELL, /. c, 130. p. 33. (4) M. L. W. LAISTNER, /. c, p. 59, opine dans le même sens : « Accuracy is subordinated to dramatic effect, truth is sacrified for the sake of upholding a preconceived theory. » (5) K. BÜCHNER, /. c, p. 51 : « Sallust vereinigt die verschiedenen Glieder und Geschehnisse des Bellum Jugurthinum zum einheitlich gesehenen und gestalteten Kunstwerk » ; p. 68 : « Eine solche wohldurchdachte, sich entsprechende, den Absichten des Darstellers gehorchende, im Grossen einfache Gliederung, in deren Dienste aber wiederum auch die kleinsten Details, wie in der Darstellung gezeigt, stehen, ist das Werk des Künstlers, nicht der Geschichte selbst...

BIBLIOGRAPHIE A. SOURCES ANCIENNES I. É P I G R A P H I E ET NUMISMATIQUE Corpus Inscriptionum latinarum. H . D E S S A U , Inscriptions Latinae selectae, 3 vol. Berlin, W e i d m a n n , 1892-1916. R. C A G N A T , J . T O U T A I N , P . J O U G U E T , G. L A F A Y E , Inscriptiones Graecae ad res Romanas pertinentes. Paris, Leroux, 1906-1928. (*) Cf. notre L. Marcius Philippus, Bruxelles, Palais des Académies, 1961, pp. 97, 104, 181. (2) Cf. notre Pompée le Grand, Bruxelles, Palais des Académies, 1954, fig- 3(3) H.

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