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Sample answer: To find the area of the rug, you multiply the length and width. 8 × 8 = 64 square feet, or 64 ft2. Chapter 3 Test 49 Chapter Standards Practice 3 Choose the best answer and fill in the corresponding circle on the sheet at right. What is the area of the rectangle? 1 4 N N Malik has a parallelogram-shaped mouse pad. It has a base length of 10 inches and a height of 8 inches. What is the area of the mouse pad? 1 A 23 m2 F 9 in2 H 36 in2 G 18 in2 J 80 in2 B 46 m2 C 90 m2 5 D 100 m2 Use the formula for the area of a rectangle to find the area of one of the triangles in the figure.

Draw a net of the cube. " # $ % Find the area of each face. A= ×w A= 9 × 9 = 81 Find the sum of the areas of all the faces. 81 81 + 81 + = 486 81 + 81 + 81 + Selena used at least 486 square inches of wrapping paper. Check 32 Use a calculator to check your multiplicaton and addition. Chapter 3 Exact Measures in Geometry Copyright © by The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. Solve 9 DESIGN Eddie put carpet on the floor, ceiling, and all of the walls in his video room. The video room has a length of 12 feet, a width of 15 feet, and a height of 10 feet.

The length of the rectangular prism is 5 units. The width of the rectangular prism is 4 units. The height of the rectangular prism is 8 units. 2. Substitute the length, width, and height into the volume formula. V= ×w×h V= 5 × 4 × 8 3. Multiply. V = 160 The volume of the rectangular prism is 160 cubic units. GO ON Lesson 3-5 Volume of Rectangular Solids 37 Example 2 YOUR TURN! What is the volume of the cube? What is the volume of the cube? 1. The length of the cube is 6 units. 1. The length of the cube is 5 units.

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