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By Rodney S. Sadler Jr.

By way of analyzing specific biblical references to Cush and Cushites, a state and folks most recent students might deem racially "black," this publication explores the style through which the authors of the Hebrew Bible represented the Cushite, and determines even if changes in human phenotypes facilitated legitimating ideologies that justified the subjugation of this international different. for you to flooring this research, this research investigates how modern students have understood "race" and "ethnicity" and proposes operating definitions for those contested phrases. Sadler's learn finds that notwithstanding there have been occasionally constituent components of racialist inspiration hired in biblical representations of the Cushites, there doesn't seem to have been a coherent method of racial notion within the Hebrew Bible. usually esteemed via biblical authors, Cushites have been seen as an ethnic staff like many of the countries pointed out within the Hebrew Bible. actually, this learn additionally finds that there has been enormous touch among Cushites and the folk of Judah in the course of the biblical interval. It concludes by way of suggesting that biblical students have to severely reconsider their realizing of Cushites and the position this humans performed within the heritage of the Levant.

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John Bright, A History of Israel (Philadelphia: Westminster, 1981); William G. Dever, "Archaeology, Ideology, and the Quest for 'Ancient' or 'Biblical Israel'," Near Eastern Archaeology 61 (1998): 39-52; idem, "Histories and Non-histories of Ancient Israel," BASOR 316 (1999): 89-105. 2. 2. 1. Cush in the Pentateuch Because the Pentateuchal narratives that mention Cush are complex combinations of traditions and documentary material, some likely dating to various moments in the Iron II period, we will consider them together.

Muller, "Havilah," in ABD 3: 82-83. S. R. Driver (Genesis, 39) also notes that Arabia was noted for its gold. 2. "Cush " in Tenth- to Eighth-Century Hebrew Literature 25 identify one that he could ascertain linguistically. 12 This conclusion is consistent with several ancient sources13 and suggests that we should look for Havilah further to the west. The region near Cush is perhaps a better place to look for Havilah. To the Egyptians Cush was a source of fine gold,14 and to the Hebrews it was a region known for its precious stones (Job 28:19).

Cf. Herbert G. May, Oxford Bible Atlas (New York: Oxford University Press, 1989), 133. 6. See von Rad, Genesis, 77. 3. 7. " 8. Cf. Manfred Gorg, "Gihon," in ABD 2:1018-19. Gorg provides an alternative perspective. He suggests that the Gihon is the Jordan River, here taking its name from the spring in Jerusalem, hi his argument Cush represents Egypt under the aegis of the XXVth Cushite Dynasty and that the Jordan was imagined to flow around Egypt. " His argument rests solely on philological grounds, yet does not take into consideration that the root ma, meaning "burst forth," may imply any number of different rivers.

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