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By Paul Temple

This revised "Wisley instruction manual" covers carnivorous - or insect-eating - crops

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Insects seem attracted to this or possibly to the red leaf colour found in some species, but o n c e they touch the fluid, their fate is almost certainly sealed. T h e d e w is remarkably sticky a n d rarely lets go of its prey and, in its struggles to escape, the insect gradually becomes covered in glue until it eventually d r o w n s . M a n y s u n d e w s accelerate the p r o c e s s of c a p t u r e by b e n d i n g the leaf over to form something akin to a 'fly s a n d w i c h ' . After t r a p p i n g , all Drosera bend the tiny hairs t o w a r d s the prey a n d t h e n secrete digestive juices on to it, absorbing nutrient t h r o u g h the leaf.

Xcatesbaei - beautiful hybrid of the above t w o . Drosera capensis - easy, g r o w s and flowers quickly. D. spatulata - easy, small rosette. D. aliciae - easy, red hairs on green leaves. Cephalotus /ollicularis - u n u s u a l appearance. Dionaea muscipula - easy, trap colour red in sun. Windowsill in indirect light All t e n d e r Pinguicula - good flowers, dislike cold. Most (Jtricuiaria - small and fascinating. (J. sandersoni - almost always in flower, easy. Shade Pinguicula moranensis forms P.

T h e species itself has leaf stems up to 12 in. (30 cm) long, bearing a single Y-shaped fork, w h i c h is covered in a profusion of tentacles. Flowers are always n u m e r o u s a n d either white, pink or pink-edged. Cultivation T h e fork-leaved s u n d e w s are h a p p y if kept frost-free, but some varieties will r e m a i n in g r o w t h all year if w a r m e r . 38 Left: The flower of Drosera capensis, a South African s u n d e w Right: Though tender, Drosera binata is easy to grow, quickly forming a spectacular forest of sticky 'tentacle'-like leaves Below: Drosera capensis makes a pretty, easily grown houseplant POPULAR CARNIVOROUS PLANTS Propagation Simple from thick root cuttings.

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