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By Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee

Religious existence is a strategy of internal transformation during which the complete psychic constitution of the seeker is modified. Exploring the edge among psychology and spirituality, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee exhibits how dreamwork courses us in this internal trip and is helping us to appreciate the various phases of the trail. He explores the mental dynamics of the connection with the instructor, so frequently misunderstood within the West, after which describes what's rarely pointed out within the nice non secular literature of the area: how the soul of the disciple merges with the soul of the trainer. This booklet is a reedited model of the decision and the Echo, mixed with probably the most vital fabric from the author's first publication, the sweetheart and the Serpent

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Dreams are signposts, and at important moments in our life they often point out the path we are to follow, so that we can consciously cooperate with the changes that are happening in both our inner and outer lives. 41 Catching the Thread On the open plain the dreamer prays for a sign, for an answer to her longing. When the longing starts to burn within the heart we cry from the very depths, and such a cry is always answered, though sometimes it is answered in a way that we cannot see or understand.

Every lover makes his own unique pilgrimage within the heart. And He loves us each for our own individual self. He loves the fact that we are different because He made us different. In this love affair there can be neither comparison nor competition. We each must find our own way of loving Him, of being with Him. The love affair with the Beloved is so inward that we will share ourselves with Him as with no outer lover. It is in this sense that a love affair with Him is easier than any other love affair.

Do not seek for a refuge in anything else. Work on thy salvation diligently. Every effort is required to walk along a path that is as narrow as the edge of a sword. Two cannot walk together, for it is the journey of the soul back to the Source, an offering of our own unique self back to the Creator. Within the group the seeker is given immense support, but there comes the time when any external support becomes a limitation, and one must continue alone. Even in the midst of family life and surrounded by loving friends, one finds oneself so deeply alone that it is like being in an empty desert with only the sound of the wind howling.

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