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Ce~~=~~, of the 1961)" 8 Frank J. Goodnow 69. City Government in the United States (New York , 1904), THE. CITY IN THE FEDERAL SYSTEM 74 ' THE STRUCTURE OF CITY POLITICS This is still true , of course , from a legal- formal standpoint. Con- stitutionally the cities and the national government have no relations. In Goodnow s time the legal form and the actual practice corre. sponded pretty well , although by no means perfectly. Now they are dramatically at odds. The federal government plays a leading role in city affairs.

Or of cIties be as an integrative element in the life of a particula ~ Clt IS one of the in general , no one can say with assurance. The subject most difficult in social science. Perhaps the most useful approach that can be taken is to ask how the city is seen by its inhabitants and what kinds of attachments they have to it or to parts of it. THE MEANING OF CITY LIFE , L ~uis Urban sociologists (especially Georg Simmel , Robert Park en- Wirth , and Harvey Zorbaugh) have stressed disenchantment and ali In an influential essay, Wnth ation as accompaniments of city life.

An "arbiter" government may be rr:OdU8 Vi sunIlar to a caretaker one m beIng generally passive, but it cannot ~ sim'ply a care ~aker because the heterogeneity of the community gIV,es rIse to questIons that cannot be evaded. Arbiter governments fre~ue~tly exist in the larger cities , where diversity is great and a politi~OIan s power depends upon a broad coalition of supporters. the machine arbitrates internally among the ethnic groups on ~hich It IS based and externally among the interests that compete to ~uence p~blic policies.

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